Types of Western Gearboxes We Can Repair, Service or Manufacture

Standard Machine has a state-of-the art, fully outfitted machine shop and all the proprietary drawings and expertise to service, repair, and design any Western gearbox. This includes all of the following types of Western gearboxes:

Western Gearbox Repair - 3,000 & 4000 Series High Speed Gearboxes

Western Gear’s legacy line of Speedmaster single- and double-stage high speed units are found in a variety of custom applications.  From offshore oil platforms to gas turbines to centrifugal pumps that move crude oil in pipelines, Standard Machine can repair, service or manufacture drop-in replacements for virtually any application.

Western Gearbox Repair - 7,000 Series Torqmaster Reducers

Standard Machine can repair or manufacture new gearbox replacements for Western Gear’s family of ultra heavy duty speed reducers.  Designed for low-speed, high torque, heavy shock service, the 7,000 series Western gearboxes are characterized by premium quality materials and advanced engineering to withstand rigorous operating conditions. 

Western Gearbox Repair - 8,000 Series Torqmaster Reducers

Often found in specialty applications, our engineers and machinists are fully trained to repair any 8,000 series Western gearbox.  These types of gearboxes can often be found working in special applications such as powering ore conveyors, installed outdoors in antenna drives, in generator drives for air-sea rescue vessels, or as pinion-stand drives in steel plants.  The Torqmaster reducer line, also includes the Western Gear vertical aerator drives used in sewage treatment plants.

Western Gearbox Repair – 9,000 Series Torqmaster Right-Angle Reducers

The Torqmaster line of right-angle Western Gear drives takes full advantage of Western Gear’s legacy of gear engineering and understanding of end-use applications. This line of gearboxes was built with single, double, and triple reductions for both horizontal and verticle applications. You can often find Western Gear drives used in ski lifts, large antennas, steel plants, manned centrifuges, and test stands, to name a few.

Western Gearbox Repair

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