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For nearly 100 years, Western Gear Corporation® designed and manufactured precision machinery for the transmission of power and motion for a variety of critical industries. Western Gear equipment can be found in aerospace, maritime, pulp and paper, offshore operations, primary metals, and several other markets that serve our nation’s critical infrastructure. The industrial products divisions of Western Gear were located in Belmont, California, and in Houston, Texas, where they designed and built standardized and custom gearboxes to help service these industries. Their line of gearboxes included the legacy brands: Speedmaster, Torqmaster, Seamaster, Straitline, Pumpmaster, and Millmaster.

In 1996 Philadelphia Gear acquired Western Gear along with the rights to the intellectual property of Western Gear to extend its capabilities and expand its customer base, geographic reach, and product portfolio for gearbox manufacturing and gearbox repair. As part of the more extensive network of electrical-mechanical repair and manufacturing facilities that make up Timken Power Systems, Standard Machine, through its relationship with Philadelphia Gear, has full repair and manufacturing capabilities for all Western Gear brand gearboxes.

Choose Standard Machine for Genuine Western Gearbox Repair

As a genuine original equipment manufacturer for Western Gear drives, Standard Machine offers complete gearbox repair and manufacturing services for the Western Gear brand’s full line of industrial high speed gearboxes, speed reducers, and marine gearboxes. Standard Machine has become the industry leader in gearbox repair for Western gearboxes in Canada, offering superior design, repair, and in-house machining capabilities to get your equipment back in service quickly. With access to a massive database of Western gearbox drawings and original designs, Standard Machine can give you the peace of mind that we won’t cut corners. We can provide you with genuine parts replacements and replacement gearboxes that will match the footprint, functionality, and design of the original. So in this way, you don’t ever need to settle for the inferior quality often found with other imitations.

Types of Western Gearboxes We Can Repair, Service or Manufacture

Western Gearbox Repair – Genuine OEM Parts Replacements

Western Gearbox Repair – Onsite Technical Services

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