Types of WesTech Gearboxes We Can Repair, Service or Manufacture

Using the latest generation of design and manufacturing techniques, Standard Machine offers drop-in replacements, gearbox repair and OEM parts replacements for all of the following types Westech gearboxes:

WesTech Gearbox Repair – 2100 Torqmaster Gearbox Reducers

Westech Gear’s 2100 series low-speed, parallel shaft gearboxes include ten different frame sizes with nine available configuration types. These Westech gearboxes are found installed in standard and custom applications. From offshore oil platforms to gas turbines to centrifugal pumps that move crude oil in pipelines, Standard Machine can repair, service, or manufacture drop-in replacements for virtually any application.

WesTech Gearbox Repair – S, D, DT, VS, OD, ODT Speedmaster Reducers

Standard Machine can repair or manufacture new gearbox replacements for Westech Gear’s family of Speedmaster gear reducers. Precise gear cutting and finish techniques and careful heat treatment to uniform hardnesses help ensure long life and quieter operation. Designed in accordance with AGMA quality standards, these WesTech gearboxes can be found driving compressors, conveyors, crushers, fans and blowers, mixers, and pumps installed in rigorous operating conditions.

WesTech Gearbox Repair – 2400, 2500, 20000 Series Cooling Tower Drives

Westech Gear’s series of cooling tower fan drives are the result of over 40 years of experience manufacturing gear reducers optimized for cooling tower applications. Their modular design makes for easy accessibility and simplified field maintenance. All of the gear sets are precision finished to run smoother and quieter while transmitting power with less horsepower loss. Standard Machine is the only facility that has access to original equipment designs and original manufacturing techniques, which allows them to provide genuine OEM service and repair capabilities for WesTech cooling tower gearboxes in Canada. Standard Machine can repair both single and double reduction Westech cooling tower gearboxes in a variety of horsepower ratings and service factors.

WesTech Gearbox Repair – 10000 Series High Speed Drives

The 10000 series of high speed Westech gearboxes are the product of a tradition of over 75-years of quality and craftsmanship in the design and manufacture of high-performance mechanical power transmission. The 10000 series was initially specified by WesTech Gear to meet requirements established by the American Gear Manufacturer’s Association (AGMA) Specification 421.06 and the American Petroleum Institute Specification API 613, first edition.

During the formative design phase, the American Petroleum Institute published new specifications under the title API 613, second edition. Recognizing the maximum reliability standard prescribed by this specification, Westech Gear patterned the design of the 10000 Series to meet these stringent requirements. And they coupled this with meeting all manufacturing standards to qualify for API’s strict requirements, so no matter what industry specifications your application demands, Standard Machine’s line of WesTech gearboxes can meet it. Featuring 67 models and 27 different frame sizes, Standard Machine is the industry leader in Westech gearbox repair in Canada.

WesTech Gearbox Repair – 30000 Series High Speed Gearboxes

The most important characteristics of a high speed gearbox are reliability and serviceability. How does a manufacturer design and build better gearboxes to ensure the highest quality possible? By drawing on their experience and capabilities.

Westech has pioneered the use of highly reliable single and double helical carburized and ground gears for a wide range of industries and applications. More than 75 years of high-speed gear drive manufacturing expertise, extensive test, and development in material selection, hardening techniques, and state-of-the-art grinding technology formed the development of the 30000 series of WesTech high speed gearboxes.

High horsepower, high speed gearing requires carburized and ground gears to reduce the size of the gear elements and maintain performance integrity. The high load carrying capacity of carburized and ground gearing allows the use of smaller gear diameters and decreased pitch line velocities. Both the high surface hardness and the precision ground surfaces of carburized gearing contribute to quiet operations and long life.

Westech Gear 30000 Series high speed, high horsepower gearboxes incorporate carburized and precision ground single helical gears utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Standard Machine carries on this tradition as the only original equipment manufacturer of Westech gearboxes in Canada and the premiere shop for complete Westech gearbox repair.

WesTech Gearbox Repair – Pumpmaster Right-Angle Pump Drives

The product of over 80-years of experience in the pumping applications, the Westech Pumpmaster series of right-angle pump drives features 11 models with six different frame sizes. Standard Machine’s engineers have become trusted partners of customers who have Westech gearboxes still in service. Utilizing original drawings and engineering techniques, our machinists can design new replacement WesTech gearboxes that match the original footprint and design characteristics. Additionally, when our customers don’t have enough time to wait for a replacement, our Onsite Technical Service (OTS) team and repair experts in our shop can offer the only genuine OEM gearbox repair service for Westech gearboxes in Canada.

WesTech Gearbox Repair – Marine Propulsion Gears (TSR, RV, MGV, PCMR and VST Series)

Westech marine propulsion gearboxes can still be found working in fishing fleet seiners, offshore service boats and rigs, and large ocean-going vessels. Originally branded as “Seamaster,” the WesTech marine gear drives can be found in applications anywhere from 750 horsepower up to 75,000 HP. Standard Machine offers full design, manufacturing, and gearbox repair services for the complete line of Westech marine gearboxes.

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