Open Gearing

Standard Machine designs and manufactures open gearing for all types of industry.

Standard Machine designs and manufactures open gearing for all types of industry. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, spur, helical, double helical, straight bevel, spiral bevel, worms and worm gears.

Steel, underground and surface mining, oil and gas, cement, power generation and petro-chemical are just a few of the industries that rely on the high quality of Standard Machine’s open gearing capabilities. Whether it is a few inches or several feet, all gearing is designed using the latest gear design software and manufacturing processes.

Unique to our facility, and what gives our customers a competitive advantage, is our ability to manufacture everything in-house to guarantee a high level of quality control, consistency in product design and shorter lead times. Manufacturing processes are continuously improved using our Continuous Improvement Program, and fine-tuned using our lean manufacturing culture. Our company’s capital expenditures into the latest machining, gear manufacturing and engineering equipment ensure that we are always keeping up with new technology available in the marketplace.

The heat treat facility contains computer controlled homo-carb furnaces, up to 60 inches in diameter X 72” deep, complete with a 33” quench press and 3.0 meter induction hardening machine. These machines, with the capability to carburize, through harden, anneal or normalize, are able to improve gear ratings, provide consistent metallurgical results and improve product lead times.

Using our large 2.5 meter gear grinder or our newest CNC Hofler 2000 Form Gear grinder, we are able to provide up to AGMA Quality 15 gearing, which translates to a quiet, trouble-free service life and minimized downtime for all industries.

Standard Machine is also capable of providing specialized gear couplings used in steel mill production and mining operations. These couplings are designed to handle horse power ratings from 250-7,500.


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