Mill Pinions & Gears

Serving large natural resource and manufacturing industries for more than 40 years, Standard Machine has earned an international reputation for high quality workmanship. When we manufacture and install your mill pinion, you are guaranteed the longest service life and best cost-efficiency possible.

Mill Pinions and Gears, Standard Machine Mill pinions can be designed to be carburized, through hardened or induction hardened to meet or exceed the OEM’s specifications. All pinions are manufactured and profile tooth ground to conform to AGMA standards.

By using up-to-date reverse engineering equipment and/or sending our gearing experts to your site for complete reverse engineering, we will ensure accurate measurements of the existing mill pinion so that your new replacement pinion fits properly. Once your new mill pinion is ready, our professional field service team is able to ensure a worry-free complete installation or changeout.

Upon request, Standard Machine will also perform a complete inspection of your in-service mill ring gear and the mill pinion, including the lubrication system.


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