Gear Drives

Gear Drives

Using the latest generation design and manufacturing techniques, Standard Machine offers speed reducers to meet new applications or drop-in units to replace existing brands.

We design and manufacture a full line of high quality gear reducers and speed increasers including parallel shaft, right angle, planetary and worm drives for virtually any application, including special and problem applications.

Our gear drive team designs parallel shaft gear reducer units from 1.246-710:1 ratios with ratings up to 13,360 HP. Our right angle units are designed from 5.027-1186:1 ratios with ratings up to 4,546 HP. Our worm units have ratios from 5-4900:1 and are designed with ratings up to 319 HP. Our planetary units can handle up to 2,600,000 Nm of torque, ratios of 25-4000:1 and are designed up to 17,300 HP.

Standard Machine also offers on-site services for reducers, relative to application selection, installation and commissioning.

Join the hundreds of companies from mining, energy, oil and gas and steel, to hydroelectric and petrochemical and many more that make Standard Machine their choice for quality drive products and competitive solutions.


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