Drive Center Focus Factory

Drive Center Focus Factory

Our Drive Center is divided into two operating areas. One is for gear reducer disassemblies and the other is where all your gear drives are assembled and tested after all components have passed our rigid ISO 9000-2001 quality control systems.

The units are assembled in a clean area away from any disassemblies or other machining operations. Using SKF bearing heaters we properly assembly all bearings and gear sets into a thoroughly cleaned housing, set all bearing clearances and carefully bolt on the top housing. After all post assembly inspections are complete, the gear reducers are test ran for a minimum of 4 hours either under load or no load depending upon your requirements and budget. Each unit is approved by the designer who engineered the unit before painting and shipment.

When your gear reducer is sent in for rebuild, you can expect it to come back like new. When your reducer arrives it is sandblasted and disassembled. An inspection report is completed and provided to you by your account manager who will give you or “Standard” recommended repair or if you like a basic repair to either meet your delivery requirements or budget needs.

All units are reassembled in our clean and organized assembly area and tested with the same procedures as if the unit were new. A baseline vibration analysis is completed and a final report is provided to you or kept in our system for your review.


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