Catalogue Reducers

Catalogue Reducers

Over the years, Hamilton Gear established a reputation for quality products that is second to none. This reputation has been built on their vast experience of supplying gear products and accessories to all types of industry since 1911. “Tough”, “heavy duty” and “long-lasting” are just a few of the words customers use to describe Hamilton Gear products. Since purchasing the Hamilton Gear Company in 1995, Standard Machine continues to evolve an already superior product design and range.

The original catalogue product lines are still available today, with many enhancements employed by current design technologies. The “H Line” series is a parallel shaft design, which is available in single, double and triple reductions with ratios from 1.246 to 281.475 and power ratings in excess of 1,234,000 pound-inches torque.

The “S Line” series is a right angle spiral-bevel design with helical gearing for the intermediate and output stages of reduction. It is available in double, triple and quadruple reductions with ratios of 5.027 to 1,186 and power ratings of over 4,000,000 pound-inches torque.

There are also several right angle worm gear units available in single reduction and double reduction helical-worm designs. Centre distances range from 2 inches to 18 inches with ratios ranging from 5:1 to 4,900:1 and power ratings to 492,000 pound-inches torque.


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