Different Types of Open Gears Standard Machine Can Provide


Spur Gearing

Spur gears, the simplest and most economical class of open gearing, have teeth that are cut parallel to the axis. A principle advantage they offer is the ability to transmit power between parallel shafts without axial thrust. They are generally used on drives of moderate speed, but with specific heat treatment and precise finishing, they can be used in high-speed applications.

Helical Gearing

Helical gearing, in which teeth are cut at an angle to the axis, has appreciably improved high-speed and load transmission capability and quieter operation than spur gearing. When used in an open gear application, this gear type offers superior performance due to the fact that the helical configuration produces an overlapping of gear tooth contact at the pitch line. Quality levels to AGMA 15 can be furnished.

Double Helical Gearing

By cutting gears with opposed helix angles, the thrust loading is automatically canceled out and, consequently, angles can be used which are larger than those practical with single-helical. As a result, when applied to girth gear applications, tooth overlap is increased, load and speed capacity is raised and noise is further decreased. This type of open gear requires a groove between the two helices to allow runout for the cutting tool. Double-helical gears are often cut with staggered teeth to minimize the width groove and to give added smoothness of tooth action.

Worm Gearing

Worm gearing is often used because of its ability to provide smooth, quiet operation free of vibration and pulsation. Since the teeth of the worm slide against the gear teeth, materials must be chosen carefully to minimize friction and eliminate seizing between mating teeth. We supply worm gearing for open gear applications in a variety of sizes suitable for your equipment needs.


Straight Tooth Bevel

This type of gearing is used for transmitting power between shafts at right angles to each other at relatively low operating speeds. Teeth are cut on cones which converge to a point on the axis of the supporting shaft. Teeth are thus tapered and have less bearing surface and structural strength on the inner end.

Curved Spiral Bevel

Curved tooth bevels used in open gearing, are cut by a tool that travels in a circular path resulting in curved teeth. They manufactured in matched pairs and furnish either parallel or tapered depth teeth. The teeth mesh together gradually and loading is always distributed over two or more teeth. As a result, these gears operate exceptionally quiet and can be used in higher speed applications with higher thrust load capabilities.

Internal Gearing

Internal gears, which have gear teeth cut on the inner surface of a hollow cylinder blank, are an essential component of planetary gearboxes. We can generate internal gearing in sizes up to 99” internal pitch diameter and 14” face width.