Customer Satisfaction Survey

Standard Machine's objectives are to be the #1 supplier for all of our core competencies to you our valued customer. It is very important to our Company and employees that we are meeting these objectives and if not how we must change to improve.

On a scale of 5 to 1 could you please rate the performance of Standard Machine’s products and services. On the rating scale, 5 represents the best rating where you are extremely satisfied and 1 represents where you feel we need to improve the most. Please circle the applicable number. This survey will take you approximately 3 minutes to complete.

Are you satisfied with the timeliness of our quote response times?
On complex engineered quotes are you satisfied with the time needed to produce accurate engineering documents?
Do you find our pricing is competitive?
Do you find our Manufacturing lead times are competitive and acceptable?
Are you satisfied with our delivery times?
Do you find the quality of our products acceptable?
How would you rate our response to your questions or problems?
How would you rate the technical knowledge of our employees?
Please rate your overall customer service experience with Standard Machine.
Would you recommend us to other potential customers?
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Thank you for for completing our survey, your opinion matters. If you would like to submit further comments or feedback, please visit our contact page and complete the form.