R.Budge S. TO. C. Rectificaciones y Fabricaciones Mecanicas
was established in 1980. With more than 25 years in the Peruvian market, R. Budge has developed two professional divisions.

Mechanical & Machine Shop
Manufacturing, rebuild and we repair of components for pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical.

Rectified Motors
Motor repair for industries such as mining, fishing, transportation, and the automotive industry.

R.BUDGE S. , Rectificaciones y Fabricaciones Mecanicas offers quality service with guaranteed workmanship, serving all sectors including mining, energy, fishing, transportation.

Services include rebuilding, rectification and preparation of parts and components such as complete systems for hydraulic, mechanical, and pneumatics.

R. BUDGE Rectificaciones y Fabricaciones Mecanicas offers highly qualified personnel, motivated and guided by the satisfaction of the clients and the efficiency of management.

R. Budge S.A.C Rectificaciones y Fabricaciones Mecanicas is recognized as a business leader in the quality of its services and its business with total guarantee. Budge has a proven record of satisfying the needs of its clients.

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