Open Gearing

“Open or semi-enclosed gear drives, also known as heavy-duty gear drives or ring and girth gears, have been a common method of power transmission since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Generally, open gear drives are the most economical type of gear drive alternative for use in applications where high load-carrying capacity and long service life under severe shock load conditions are required.” Lawrence Ludwig. “Practical Lubrication of Open Gearing,

Standard Machine’s over 50-years of expertise has made us a preeminent supplier for a variety of different sizes and types of ring and girth gears. We design and manufacture a complete line of open gearing for a variety of applications, including shovels, kilns, dryers, and balls mills and grinding mills, for industrial manufacturers that build and service equipment that helps support Canada’s infrastructure.

Our full-service machine shop contains state-of-the-art equipment backed by expert machinists and engineers who combine over 200-years of experience to offer capabilities that include, but are not limited to, spur, helical, double-helical and worm gears. Standard Machine can also provide repair options for gearboxes with a right-angle configurations and contain straight bevel and spiral bevel gear designs.

Steel, mining, pulp and paper, cement, power generation, and petrochemical are just a few of the industries that rely on the high-quality of Standard Machine’s replacement and open gearing line. Whether it is a few inches or several feet, all of our ring and girth gears are designed using the latest gear design software and manufacturing processes.

All manufacturing is done in-house to guarantee a high level of quality control and precision in product design. Manufacturing processes are continuously improved upon and fine tuned using our lean manufacturing system, and our equipment acquisition program ensures we are always keeping up with the newest technology in the marketplace to improve the quality and reliability of your open gears.

In addition, Standard Machine offers complete heat treating capabilities which include: computer-controlled carburizing furnaces and induction hardening for manufacturing high quality gearing. This increases mechanical ratings, provides a higher degree of tooth-to-tooth surface contact, and improves the overall gear tooth geometry on your open gear.

We are able to provide up to AGMA quality 15 open gearing, which translates to a quiet, trouble-free service life and less downtime for virtually all industries and any application.

Our gear cutting, grinding, and testing capabilities set us apart from just being another run of the mill gear shop. Our machine shop is outfitted to handle some of the largest and most demanding gear applications in Canada. Whether it’s exposure to severe environmental conditions or the constant heavy loads and stress experienced in large mining operations, our open gears are built to last.

Our shop can manufacture ring and girth gears up the following maximum specifications:

Open Gearing Design, Machining and Manufacturing Capabilities
  Gear Cutting Gear Grinding Gear Testing                                                                                                          
Helical/Spur 290” + dia. x 33.5” face / max .5 DP 99” dia. x 48” face 2.5 meter        
Worm Gears 160” x 3.14 CP            
Pinions 55” dia. x 150” long face            
Internal Spur Gears 99” x 14”face / max. 1.25 DP            


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