High-Speed Gearbox Design, Manufacture and Repair

What separates high speed gear drives and those who can build and repair them from all the rest? Superior technical expertise and highly skilled machinists with state-of-the art equipment. High-speed gearbox applications are demanding. A high speed pinion rotating at 25,000 rpm goes through ten million cycles in less than seven hours. Or to put it another way, in only a few days of operation, a gear set having a pitch line velocity of 45,000 feet per minute (equivalent to over 511 miles per hour) will encounter as many cycles as a conventional gear drive will experience in years of service. At these speeds, gearing can fail quickly and catastrophically. Therefore, gears, bearings, shafting, and other components comprising the gearbox, must be integrated into perfect harmony with one another.

To further complicate matters, these units are often placed in some of the harshest operating environments in the world. It could be offshore in the North Sea or the Gulf of Mexico, or land-based on a frozen tundra operating a Canadian pipeline.

This kind of operational demand and stress requires the utmost dedication to design and manufacturing. Now partners with Philadelphia Gear, Standard Machine has combined its capabilities and expertise with Philadelphia Gear to offer a unique set of workforce skills and manufacturing capabilities. This gives Standard Machine the ability to expand its product offering and produce precision power transmission products that can match the kind of speeds and quality that are required by the power generation, gas and oil exploration, refining, and pipeline/pumping industries throughout Canada.

As a member of the American Gear Manufacturer’s Association (AGMA), Standard Machine is well-positioned to serve the Canadian high speed gearbox market with products that are engineered for the toughest applications.

Greater Reliability Demanded by Higher Throughputs

Maintenance and plant engineers are continually pressed to do more with less. This means that rotating machinery in process industries is running harder, faster, and is challenged to transmit more power than ever before. Advanced gear design and manufacturing capabilities, plus extensive operational field experience and gearbox repair expertise, make it possible for us to meet these exacting requirements, as well as provide emergency service in a pinch.

Standard Machine leverages Philadelphia Gear’s long history of serving this market which includes building units for extreme applications rated as high as 80,000 HP, with shaft speeds as high as 70,000 RPM, and combines it with their over 40-years of expertise to offer a perfect blend of world-class engineering, long-term reliability, and competitive cost.

Superior and Proven High Speed Gearbox Design

Features You Need, Benefits You’ll See

Our gearboxes are designed to last. Standard Machine has operated its facility for over 40-years and is one of the largest and most fully equipped gearbox manufacturing, repair and upgrading plants in North America. Our experience and state-of-the-art gives us the ability to manufacture high-quality gear drives and keep your business running.

  • Housings – Rugged design adds strength and rigidity, helping to maintain precise alignment of gears and bearings. Custom cast or fabricated housings available.
  • Bearings – Split, steel-backed, Babbitt-lined precision journal bearings with thrust faces engineered to account for axial loads.
  • Shafts – Machined from heat-treated, high quality alloy steel. Oversized to maintain gear alignment and protect from overload.
  • Gears – Designed, manufactured and assembled with state-of-the-art technology; through-hardened, or case carburized steel forgings; precision hobbed and ground for accuracy and superior finish.
  • Pinions – Integral with shafts, precision hobbed and ground in either case carburized or through-hardened versions per specifications.
  • Seals – Aluminum labyrinth seals to prevent shaft leaks at extreme temperatures.
  • Efficiency – Over 98% running at full capacity.
  • Dynamically Balanced – Assures all rotating elements run smoothly at high speed.
  • API / Instrumentation – Built to API standards as required, with a wide range of instrumentation options that satisfy any application requirements.

Testing in the Shop Achieves Optimal Performance in the Field

Full-speed tests of high speed drives under variable conditions, together with the use of sophisticated instrumentation to analyze vibration, sound levels, lubrication and gear mesh frequencies is a standard operating procedure. Shaft vibrations are monitored on both “X” and “Y” axes to ensure reliability and acceptable levels of sound, oil and bearing temperatures, and gear tooth patterns are thoroughly checked and documented.

By testing our gearboxes at field operating speeds our customers have the peace of mind in knowing their gearboxes will do what they are supposed to do once they are installed, a promise that is backed by one of the best warranty programs in industry: 5-years, regardless of how demanding the application or operating enviromnent.